Can you name the greenest capital city in Europe?

Ljubljana is one of the least known capitals of the Old Continent. And although its name is not the easiest to pronounce,...

Travel to Madeira, a Portuguese treasure

Located 1076 kilometers south-west of Portugal, Madeira is an archipelago comprising 4 islands. Forget Christano Ronalado and his legendary goal-scoring, Madeira has enough going...

Adelaide hasn’t seen any rain in 5 years

Not a spot of rain since 2014. The consequences are devastating for the inhabitants of Adelaide, a rural town in South Africa. Rain was...


Times of crisis – how to save money without giving up on pleasure

Between low wages and a high cost of living, it is not always easy to manage your budget properly, especially if you...

Our top 5 tips to get a small business loan

Are you ready to start a small business and wondering where you’ll be able to get a loan and what are the conditions...

10 ideas in order to trick yourself into saving money

If people can usually easily cut some expenses in one area of their life, it is a lot harder not to spend it...


Gardening is good for your mental health and here is why

If having a garden was a great advantage for people during the lockdown, it is not only because of the need for...

Exercising is great for your memory, and you only need one session to see...

According to a recent study on exercise, memory and ageing, working out would make our brain and its muscles more fit.

Coronavirus: bad situation for markets all around the world

No one is today ignoring the big health crisis that’s currently happening in the world. The COVID-19, also called Coronavirus, is spreading in the...


Busting popular myths about video games

Video games and its influence on young minds is a controversial topic that everyone seems to have an opinion about. As an...

Stay in a fabulous magic-themed hotel in Paris!

Magic lovers, be ready to enter a very unique setting. What you’re going to experience here will shut your mouth!

An interactive museum dedicated to language is opening in Washington DC

From the 31 May 2020 onwards, Washington will be home to a new museum, Planet Word, that will be entirely dedicated to language and...

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