This guy spotted something strange floating in muddy water in an abandoned zoo


April 16, 2021

In southern Australia, there is a wildlife park that has been abandoned for a while, and that contains a huge tank full of a green substance. The liquid is formaldehyde, and it is apparently supposed to be carcinogenic in big quantities. But the tank didn’t make the buzz online for that reason. What got everyone’s attention is the thing that was lurking within the formaldehyde, and that actually shocked people. 


The Wildlife Wonderland Giant Earthworm Museum located in Melbourne, Australia, used to get many visitors every year, but unfortunately it closed down for good in 2012. Although pretty much everyone from the animal park was recovered and rehoused, an eerie relic wasn’t and, six years later, it was discovered by a YouTuber. But what exactly did the adventurous guy discover, and why did it leave everyone in shock?