These animals became famous for their heroic acts toward their humans


April 16, 2021

When an animal’s life is in danger, their instincts kick in and they are capable of doing anything in order to survive. But these instincts also kick in when their beloved owner’s life is in danger too, doing the necessary thing to protect and save their human companion. Some animals are trained to save lives like guide dogs, therapy animals and guard dogs, but not all animals have specialised training. Here are some of the most heroic acts performed by animals.

Tara, the guard cat

black and white cat on a green background

In 2014, Tara the cat got into a scrap with a dog, the outcome may surprise you. Tara’s human, a 4 year old boy who has autism, was riding his bike in the front garden, when suddenly he was attacked by the neighbour’s dog. When Tara heard the commotion, she quickly ran to the boy’s aid and despite the size difference, she attacked the neighbour’s dog. Tara slammed herself into the Labrador-chow mix, intimidating the dog, making it run off.