Bare Faced Celebrities That Will Leave You Stunned


November 29, 2021

Very rarely do we see our favorite celebrities stepping out in front of a camera without  a full face of glam on. Forget celebrities, even normal women would hate stepping outside their house without foundation and a bit of lipstick. Times are changing, and so they should, because over the past few years women have started fully embracing their natural beauty and these celebrities have too! Here are a few rare pictures of your favorite celebrities with a bare face and some of them will have you wondering why they even wore makeup in the first place! 


We don’t really understand why many women, and men, go a long way to hide their freckles because to us, freckles are so incredibly beautiful. These days, the freckle trend is really catching on and people have started realizing the more, the merrier. We had no idea Kesha’s face was flourishing with freckles before she posted this picture in 2019. She showed off her bareface just in the beginning of 2019 because she wanted everyone to know that she loved her imperfections, and they should too. We wouldn’t call these freckles imperfections because we think they’re adorable. What do you think?