The Real Woman That Inspired The Character Of Betty Boop


April 15, 2021

Famous cartoons can sometimes become a real part of our lives, to the point where some of them capture the hearts of an entire generation and are a reference for much more than just a cartoon. This is the case for Betty Boop that everyone knows even though they might have not have watched her on the screen, but because she is a real icon in popular culture and is a reference for everyone out there. But did you know that the character was actually inspired by a real woman? It might be a surprise but the drawing actually caused fights and issues, meaning fortunes were both won and lost because of it.

The inspiration

There might be a good number of iconic cartoon characters out there, but none of them is quite like Betty Boop. Adorable, hilarious and very sexy at the same time, Betty is a huge symbol for generations and has been adored from fans for a very long time. In the early 1930s, animator Max Fleischer realised he was going to need a new character after his success with Popeye and Koko the Clown, but he also wanted to get a little more modern. When he created Betty, he got his inspiration from the flappers of the Roaring Twenties, but that would later on be criticised.