Carpenter Cuts Down Tree And Is Shocked When Seeing What’s Inside


April 16, 2021

Ryan Saunders was a carpenter, and he was working on a project in his yard when he got the shock of a lifetime. He needed some wood for his next carpentry job and decided to cut down one of the trees in his backyard. He went to his workshop, grabbed a chainsaw, and went to work on the tree. He was in for a surprise, though: he would have no idea that this little project was about to take an interesting twist. Something was hiding inside the bark of the tree, and it was not a welcome surprise.

Not just any old tree

When Saunders sawed the tree in half, he discovered something, but he didn’t quite know what it was.  He decided to go and get his camera out to document what he had uncovered inside the tree. Maybe someone else would see the pictures and know what was going on. Anyone who works outdoors is used to coming across a variety of animals. But this one was anything but ordinary. It is so rare that it would take a lot of guessing and a lot of experts to finally unveil what the unknown surprise in the middle of the tree was. And it was far more dangerous than Ryan suspected, especially as it was doing something that made no biological sense. This tale is a creepy one, that is for sure. We hope you have a strong stomach.