30 Celebrity Kids Who Look Shockingly Similar To Their Parents


April 16, 2021

Looking like your parents is absolutely normal, in fact it’s rather expected. However it gets slightly creepy when you look exactly like your mother or father, isn’t it? Now we love seeing celebrities with their kids and finding out who looks more like their famous mother, or father – but what do we love more? Seeing celebrity parents and kids who look almost identical. Here’s a list of all the celebrity kids who have been blessed abundantly with the great looks and talents of their well-known parents and the faces on this list will surprise you! 

Rumer Willis and Bruce Willis

It’s hard not to be noticed when your parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and thanks to her star parents Rumer Willis has been in the spotlight countless times. She’s been lucky to have such great genes passed down from her parents and we can’t decide if she’s more like her mom or her dad. After graduating from college, Rumer decided to follow her parent’s footsteps and pursue acting. She’s done various small roles since the 90s but her talent was really seen in the movie House Bunny. Now she’s making it big in her hit show Empire and everyone is waiting to see what else is in store for her.