These childhood sweethearts vowed to marry each other when they were just kids, but what happened next will leave you in tears


April 16, 2021

Emmy Collet and Jake Coates are a popular couple because of their moving love story. They were childhood sweethearts when they were only 11 years old, and they ended up marrying each other after they revived their love ten years later. It could actually be a love story from a movie. After their wedding, they had a lot of plans for the future but they didn’t know something was going to happen and change that. It is going to get emotional, so make sure to grab some tissues before going any further!

A strong relationship

Before the couple tied the knot, they were actually in a long-distance relationship. But even if there were thousands of miles between them, they worked on keeping their relationship honest and strong. But unfortunately, fate had something else in mind, which turned the couple’s love story into something tragic and heartwarming.