A family turns a 120 year old church into a home


April 15, 2021

Anastasiia and Gunter, a couple from Maryland, decided to take on a massive restoration project by buying a 120 year old church. The couple bought the old church for $320,000 and for the past two years, they have been renovating the church in order to transform it into a livable home, suitable for a family.

Love at first sight

Instagram / allsaintshouse

When the couple first saw the church’s “for sale” sign just down the road from their home, Anastasiia and Gunther were already interested in it. “I suppose it was just like love at first sight; it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly made our hearts skip a bit, but it did so, in spades,” Anastasiia said. “It was the grandeur of the space, among many other things, like beautiful woodwork, colorful light streaming through the original stained glass, the gothic arches of the windows and doors — and just the overall feeling that it was meant to be ours.”