What Cruise Ships Are Actually Like For Regular Passengers


April 15, 2021

For most people, cruises are just an ideal way of going on vacation, both as a couple or as a family. There is so much to do and to enjoy, from luxurious pools, facilities, organised activities, gorgeous landscapes, tours, and trips to the beach, that it makes for a very exciting and rich experience, from which you would come back with plenty of memories. But this is just what you expect from cruises, and the actual experience can sometimes be completely different… So keep on reading to discover what cruise ships are actually really like, but be careful some might be hard to watch!

Getting on board

From what we’re used to in movies, boarding a plane or a ship is always a big experience, so there is no wonder that we expect it to be the same in real life. But of course they forget to warn you about endless lines where you have to queue, and all the checking points that mean that it might actually take you a few hours just to board. So when you get ready to board, you are full of enthusiasm and come along with your best clothes in order to get the best picture in front of the ship. This is all too exciting and we cannot wait to get on board, but the reality might be different.