26 facts about the Aztecs that will blow your mind


April 16, 2021

The Aztecs were a Central American civilization whose empire covered vast swaths of what’s now Central America and the modern state of Mexico from 1300 to 1521 before they were decimated by the arrival of European settlers. Today, their descendents live on across the continent and are known as Nahua in Mexico. Their impressive architecture and rich culture have fascinated curious visitors and researchers alike. Read on you want to find out what made the Aztecs so legendary.

They kept detailed records. 

One of the main reasons so much is known about the Aztecs is because we have a lot of written records from their civilization. They wrote in pictograms, in a style similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics, and kept many details of their history over the course of many years. Thanks to this, we know much more about the Aztecs than many any other Amerindian people whose oral histories were lost upon the arrival of Europeans.