These firefighters thought they were rescuing puppies, and discovered the truth


April 16, 2021

We know we can always count on firefighters when a large fire destroys everything. That’s what they always do. But nowadays, they do more than that. A firefighter’s duty is not only to save people from a fire, it’s to be responsible for every living creature, included animals.

For them, every living creature is important and must be out of any danger. Every day is a surprise, and when they begin their days, they don’t know what will happen.

Each day, they’re waiting impatiently for what will happen in the day. Of course, there’s always accidents but they prefer not to be responsible for dozens of human beings in danger. Indeed this job is every day more and more grateful, but sometimes, it can be physically and emotionally hard.

This is why this job can be dangerous, but exciting as well, because things never happens like the day before. And the firefighters of Colorado can prove it : one day, they thought they saved puppies, but soon, they discover that what happened was totally different.