From homeless to looking like a model, the makeover of a lifetime for José Antonio


April 15, 2021

For many years, José Antonio lived on his own in the streets of Palma. Unable to overcome his depression, Antonio lost everything he held dear. After 20 odd years living on the streets, Antonio thought he would never get the opportunity to have a normal life again. He lost hope. But one day, someone noticed him and was determined to help him. He decided to offer Antonio a makeover for free. Antonio, accepted, thinking he had nothing left to lose. But little did he know, this one kind action would change his life forever. 

Suffering from depression 

When Antonio was 20 years old, his future seemed bright. At the time, his life was going well, he had a stable job as an electrician that paid well. Even though his career was going great, the people around Antonio were unaware that he was suffering from an illness. Indeed, Antonio was suffering from severe depression, for many years Antonio was fighting a losing battle. The harder Antonio tried to overcome his depression, the worse it got. Slowly, the depression began to take control of his life, Antonio started to struggle with work. He tried his best to get better but nothing seemed to work. Antonio was so affected by his depression that he said he felt like “a vegetable”. Eventually, Antonio started missing days at work, to the point where his job fired him. The unpaid bills started to build.