These bad habits will harm your kidneys


April 16, 2021

The National Kidney Foundation states that kidney disease actually cause more deaths than breast or prostate cancer in the U.S.A with the numbers stand at 90,000 every year.

It only takes some simple changes in the usual diet, intake of particular supplements, and sleeping patterns to have healthy, functioning kidneys, which also ensure that illnesses such as diabetes can be prevented. To live a healthy life, start practising the following habits regularly.

Replace salt with herbs

Consuming excessive amounts of salt disrupts the balance of blood, which makes it difficult for the kidneys to eliminate water and this could potentially cause kidney diseases. Yet an alarming number of Western diets still overindulge in intake of salt. 

It is advised by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to limit their salt intake to one teaspoon per day, or 2,300 mg. Care must be taken while eating high sodium in pre-cooked processed foods as well.