India photos : 10 of the most beautiful places


May 8, 2021

2. Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

One of the most popular and scenic attractions in Goa is the majestic Dudhsagar falls. It is located in the Sangeum region of Goa, almost 60 kilometres away from the state’s capital city, Panaji. This majestic series of four different vertical falls originates from the high peaks of the Western Ghats. The Dudhsagar falls have a total height of 310 meters.

The Konkani name ‘Dudhsagar’ translates to ‘Ocean of milk’ in English, and once you arrive it’s easy to see why. You will also feel like streams of white water flowing down the mountain when you see this spectacular waterfalls, so bright they almost resemble milk. Luckily, the South Central rail routes pass just in front of this gorgeous Dudhsagar falls so it’s easy to get a glimpse of them even if you aren’t staying for awhile. From the Kulem railway station near Mollem National Park you can take a pleasant train journey to the Dudhsagar falls. The view of Dudhsagar, when the train crosses the arch bridge just in front of the falls is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

While the rest of India may not be at its best during this time, the monsoon season (from June to September) is the best time to visit the Dudhsagar falls. Because the water level is higher, the falls are flowing at maximum capacity during the monsoon season. Besides taking the train, you can also hike to the waterfalls along the railway track. While hiking you can enjoy the beauty of surrounding dense forest and intriguing architecture of the British-built rail tunnel.