Go paddle boarding with a corgi in Florida!

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April 23, 2024

You can now travel in Florida with the best travel buddy- a Corgi!

After Airbnb’s announcement in 2019 about their new animal adventures,SUP PUP Paddleboard Tour in Fort Lauderdale has proved to be very popular amongst holiday goers. This ninety minute paddleboard tour will take you through Las Olas canals of Florida with an adorable corgi (under the supervision of an experienced paddleboard instructor as your main tour guide for the trip).

Tourists are welcomed at Victoria Park by the instructor, Natasha Baker, and her expert little puppy, Mr. Beaches. The tour begins with a lesson on safety and the basics of paddling before tourists take off on their adventure.


Besides enjoying fun times with the tour’s four-legged furry mariner, you might also catch sight of creatures from the extraordinary water world such as a manatee.

The tour offers to take you past some of Florida’s most exclusive real estates and you will see various yachts and catamarans in the water.

Baker, the tour instructor, will design the route you take as per weather conditions. And do not worry if you’re a total novice at paddleboarding because you will be guided the whole time.

It is priced at £30 per person, with multiple trips lined-up every day. The experience is ideal for dog-lovers heading to Florida.

Interested travellers are advised to be in relatively good health because the trip will require physical activity and might involve some risk. And if you do not know how to swim you must wear a life vest, as there are also chances of getting wet.


The SUP PUP Paddleboard Tour is one of many experiences that are now on offer as part of Airbnb’s new Animal Experiences program, allowing animal-loving travellers to partake in more than “1,000 experiences co-hosted by over 300 species and their human advocates around the world.” The purpose of this new program is to spread awareness on creating and promoting ethical animal experiences as Airbnb continues to work with World Animal Protection to make sure that those partaking in these experiences are abiding by World Animal Protection regulations and guidelines.

Besides paddleboarding with a corgi, Airbnb is also offering a chance to drink afternoon tea with a herd of sheep, to take part in goat yoga, and to go on alpaca walks in Scotland. Other experiences are listed under the social impact experiences and 100% of their profits go to charitable organisations dedicated to conservation, animal rescue, and veterinary care.