This mom was outraged when she got asked to leave waterpark because of her bikini


April 16, 2021

A day out in a waterpark is supposed to be a fun time for a family, but this woman didn’t experience it that way, as her day turned out to be shaming, angry and completely unfair. And it wasn’t even because of how expensive it was, because of the tickets or because of the food – it was way worse than that. As soon as she entered the waterpark, she was asked to leave. But she wasn’t going to let it go so easily and was ready to fight.

Madelyn Scheaffer

From Odessa, Missouri, Madelyn Scheaffer is a devoted mom who always does everything she can to bring happiness and joy to her family. But something completely changed her world one day, when she was in her mid-30s. It wasn’t even an overreaction from her part – it was a truly disturbing and hurtful experience.