Hilarious Moments of Jealousy Were Captured on Camera And We Can’t Get Enough Of It!


April 15, 2021

We all like to look our best when someone pulls out a camera, no matter how candid the picture is. But we know how hard it is to get a really good picture taken, it requires perfect timing and the worst thing ever is having your picture taken when you’re not ready. These people and pets were certainly not ready for their picture because one of their worst emotions was accidentally captured on camera, jealousy. They may not have been happy when the picture was revealed to them, but we sure are because this is an absolutely priceless collection of photographs. Are you ready to laugh?

Feeling left out

Dogs are highly territorial creatures and they are the most loyal companions that we could ever have. They normally identify the alpha of the pack, or in our case – family, and that is who they follow. For most dogs, their owners are all they have and they get incredibly attached. You can imagine what can happen when they feel threatened. Well, this husky loved his owner more than anything. When his owner got a girlfriend, it was hard for him to figure out the new dynamic and well just like anyone who is territorial, the dog started to get jealous because she was the center of attention. This was a side of him that was not so pretty and unfortunately it got captured on camera as well!