Mom’s vacation picture goes viral because of what’s hiding in the background


April 16, 2021

When posting personal pictures on social media, you don’t usually expect them to go viral, unless of course you are a celebrity or have a big group of followers. But it actually happened to this mother when she posted pictures of her and her friend on holiday in Canada. To her, it didn’t seem to be anything special – just pictures in front of a valley at the top of a trail. But when she looked at it more carefully, she realized there was something in the background, which turned the ordinary photo into something extraordinary.

Dundas Peak

The two women went to Dundas Peak, a popular hiking spot in Hamilton, Canada. Located in the greater region of Ontario, the park offers a beautiful view over colourful trees and hillsides, particularly in autumn.

In this beautiful park, you can find at the same time rocks offering breathtaking views if you dare to sit on them, and the Tew’s Falls waterfall, which is the tallest in the city. It makes it a fantastic place to visit, both for tourists and for locals.