This 96 year old lady is selling her house and what’s in it will amaze you


September 21, 2021

Being a real estate agent means entering unknown people’s homes every day and seeing any strangeness related to the tenants completely on display. Having to wait for something is the order of the day for these professionals and, sometimes, this feature is what attracts the people of the trade! But two women working together as real estate agents couldn’t have been prepared for the shock they found at this house. An ordinary house in Ontario, Canada was about to amaze them. They’d heard rumors about it but couldn’t believe they were true.

A regular house in Ontario

The property located at 148 Jane Street in Toronto, Ontario, seemed to be completely normal from the outside. In fact, the entire street on which the house was located was rather banal. Most of the houses resembled each other, and nothing turned out to be particularly strange or unusual. Neighbors said there hadn’t been many of them inside to see the residence at 148 Jane Street. The residents kept to themselves. The same family had lived there for as long as anyone could remember. No one really gave a second thought to the place. Then, the day came when these two real estate agents received a strange call about the house.