Recreating art at home goes viral during quarantine


April 16, 2021

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown, we’re all stuck at home and getting slightly bored… Which calls for some creative activities. Of course, we can check out cool live streams, organise some happy hours with friends over Skype, or learn new recipes, but visiting museums and enjoying art is something a lot of us deeply miss. Thankfully, some museums are coming up with creative solutions, such as the Getty museum, asking people to recreate paintings with daily objects at home… And some results are pretty hilarious

Here are the rules they’ve set up for people taking part in the challenge: pick a painting and 3 items to recreate it, post your picture online and tag the museum. What a great idea, a great shot for being creative and showing your love of art! There’s different approaches: either staying as close as possible from the original, or going in a modern or humoristic direction. So go ahead, look it up, and give it a try too, as it is bound to be a lot of fun! In the meantime, here are some of our favourite pictures recreating works of art. 

Who would have thought you could do so much with a blanket? I mean, an elegant blanket.

Set in the past, this picture of a woman by her fireplace is easy to reproduce: all you need is a fireplace of course, and a pretty dress (or a duvet, it works great too). Tie your hair, don’t smile, and that is it!