Save your money, don’t buy these items during quarantine


April 16, 2021

At the beginning of the quarantine, people jumped into panic-buying, fearing there might not be enough food, medicine, or household items… It might be understandable, but it also creates chaos, deprives people who really need it of essential resources, and is just a waste of money.

So, if a lot of articles have made lists of what you need to buy for Covid-19, we’ve decided to do just the exact opposite and tell you what you shouldn’t be stockpiling during quarantine, whether it is sanitiser, gloves, or certain types of foods. 

Toilet Paper

Why are people actually stockpiling so much toilet paper, when it has absolutely nothing to do with the virus? Steven Taylor, who wrote The Psychology of Pandemics, explains that people tend to become more and more extreme and to copy others during a time of panic.

Being quarantined because you catch the virus only lasts two weeks, which shouldn’t require several packages of toilet paper… But people become very anxious and focus on small details rather than seeing the bigger picture during times like this.