Scotland is the first country in the world to vote for free periodic protection


December 11, 2023

Scotland has settled. The Scottish parliament voted on the question “Shall we make the periodic protection free?”. And the majority opted for a YES, a big YES! 112 deputies voted favorably and there was just 1 abstention.

On the 26th of January this news delighted every woman in Scotland. It became a symbol for all women in the world, who now want the same thing to happen in their countries.


Who’s at the origin of the bill?

Monica Lennon, a Scottish deputy!

The deputy had the courage to say out loud what others were thinking to themselves.

She even said: “These are basic products; no woman in Scotland should live without periodic protection.”

How is this new law going to change lives in Scotland?

Well, periodic protections represent an enormous expense for every woman in every country. Between tampons, sanitary napkins and now even menstrual cups and period panties, women spend during their life around 23 500€ in periodic products. Yes it is enormous.

Scotland voted for making these free. The government promised to supply periodic protection in every public area (shopping centers, airports…). Therefore, women could just come and take as many as they want and for free! What an evolution!

And that’s not it. Every pharmacy and every health center will be furnished in periodic protection. Women would just have to come there and ask for feminine hygiene.

What will be the cost for the country?

Of course, it’s not free to give away menstrual protection to every woman of the country. Each year, the cost for this is estimated at… wait for it… 28 million euros!

What’s next?

Now that the law has been voted, the parliament still has to gather in order to fix the amendments to the law.

So, let’s see what the future brings and if other countries will act the same way…