Man Hides A Secret Inside Girlfriend’s Necklace, When He Finally Told Her She Was Speechless


April 15, 2021

Gift giving is a tricky business and when you want to please the one you love, it can be quite stressful. It’s evident that women are much easier to give gifts to than men and most men go for the safest options like jewellery, make up or clothes. However, you know when a gift is special when it has been handcrafted for you. This man decided to give his partner something that was one of a kind and instead of buying it, he created it with his own hands. If that’s not romantic, we don’t know what is! But the story gets better because there was something hidden inside the necklace for years and when the woman finally found it, she was astounded!

The lovely couple

Anna and Terry live in Australia and that’s where their love story began. They had been friends for four years but they realized that there was something more to their friendship and so they started dating. Given that they were already friends for so long, their relationship started to get serious rather quickly and before they knew it, they had already completed one year together. They felt incredibly lucky to be in each other’s company and Terry decided that it was time to do something special to commemorate their love. He wanted to buy her a gift for their anniversary and he decided that he would buy a gift and make another gift that would keep giving.