Stay in a fabulous magic-themed hotel in Paris!


April 23, 2024

Magic lovers, be ready to enter a very unique setting. What you’re going to experience here will shut your mouth!

Located near the famous Parc Monceau in the 17th arrondissement of the French capital, the 3-star hotel, Le Splendor, offers different rooms all around one common theme – magic. 

Fantastic rooms, with spectacular decorations, will surprise you and make you feel like the magician of the famous movie Now You See Me


Le Splendor offers 24 rooms around 5 different themes related to magic and illusion: 

  • The illusions rooms are unique and graphic rooms where you’ll find a perfect alliance between curves and reflections, matters and colours, which will for sure arouse curiosity! 
  • The levitation rooms are all purple and will transport you to the Middle-East. Trouble, fascination and peace are key words for this room.
  • The cards’ rooms put playing cards at the center of the design. Mixing Kings, Queens, Reds and Blacks, it is a room where you have to be ready to play!
  • The celestial rooms have carpets with celestial themes and invite you into the planet’s mysteries. With an astral atmosphere and sparkling midnight blue mosaics, you are bound to have the sweetest dreams.
  • The Méliès rooms will take you back in time. Be ready to relive the first steps on the moon with Méliès’ famous short film A Trip to the Moon

So, are you ready for some magic and playing cards during unique stays at Le Splendor? Because we are! 

And don’t forget: “The closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see.” – Now You See Me.