Ridiculous wedding mishaps that will have you laughing out loud


April 16, 2021

The day you get married is a huge milestone in everyone’s life. It’s something that you look forward to and plan with great love and care. No matter where you go in the world, weddings have become an essential part of culture because it’s the day two souls come together, supposedly forever. Depending on where you’re from, traditions around this sacred ceremony always change – from the music, food and outfits. Leaving that aside, this is meant to be the happiest day of the bride and groom’s life, however these epic wedding fails have us questioning if it was in fact the best day of their life. We bet that when they look back at these photographs, they’ll either be extremely embarrassed or laugh out loud. Regardless, here are some hysterical wedding fails that you should never repeat on your special day. 

Big hair fail

There’s a lot that we love about fashion in the 80s, but some of the hairstyles are crazy and this picture is a reminder of that. This bride and her bridesmaids did almost everything right, they have nice dresses and jewelry, and it’s a nice picture capturing their friendship – until you look at their hair. Everything looked good until they put on a big frilly head piece with a shiny band across their forehead. They’ll have a few laughs when they look back at this photo, for sure!