91-Year-Old Woman Gets Unexpected Information About The Last 60 Years When Going To The Doctor


April 16, 2021

Life can be very difficult, but it is also full of surprises. It had been a very difficult year for Estela Meléndez, an 91-year-old woman living in Chile. Not only did she lose her husband of 74 years, fisherman Manuel Gonzalez, which was incredibly difficult for the old lady since they had been married for so many years, but her own health also started to decline and to cause a lot of worries to the old woman. After she had a fall, Estela had to be taken away from her village to the nearest hospital. But she was far from thinking that she would then discover something very shocking and upsetting for her, but also for her doctors and for the whole world. What they actually discovered is that the old woman was pregnant, but the story was even bigger than that, and there was a whole lot more to it…