43 Woodstock photos showing what an iconic event it really was


April 16, 2021

Originally a simple three-day celebration of peace, love and music on August 15, 1969 in a farm in Bethel, New York, Woodstock became an iconic event, which completely changed music history. Not only did it change the lives of people who were attending the event, it also changed the lives of people who weren’t there. There are many photos allowing us to realise what Woodstock was really like, capturing the 32 iconic performances, 400,000 excited fans, traffic jams, psychedelic vans, bohemian and hippie fashion, rain, sunshine, and of course many peace and love demonstrations. But these 43 rare photos we have managed to collect actually show how crazy it really was. 

1. Arts & Crafts

The essence of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair festival was for young people to be creative and let their inner self run wild through music and art. For instance, this woman who is wearing a leather crop top, headband, and arm bracelet is really expressing her inner bohemian style. Sitting casually on the grass, she is creating tapestry, maybe in order to offer it to other festival-goers or to sell it to people. No matter what she intends to do with it though, what is sure is that she is a true representation of the spirit of Woodstock.