30+ Unexpected Airport Moments That Will Give Everyone The Giggles


April 16, 2021

We’re blessed to be able to travel the world by air, and although it makes life much easier, travelling by air is not the most comfortable, especially if you’re a regular folk. While business class travellers have it much easier, normal people, like us, are crammed into tiny seats, we have to wait in long queues and go through multiple security checks in front of everyone at the airport. If you do anything embarrassing, or have an awkward encounter with the airport security, it will be on display for everyone to see. You can bet that some of these unforgettable moments have been captured on camera and we’ve collected the most unique ones for you to see! Let the giggles begin!

Back to parenting

Oftentimes we have to leave our families and loved ones behind for a work trip, and the best thing is returning home to them. This dad however might not have such a relaxed stay at home because as soon as he got to the airport he was back on dad duty! This mom was trying to send him a message while being funny at the same time and everyone, including the father, appreciated it. The father must have been away for quite a while because the mother was done parenting two weeks before his arrival. Now that he is back, she can relax since she doesn’t have to do everything alone. Parenting is hard!