Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations That Will Make You Want To Hit The Gym Immediately!


May 20, 2022

We all struggle with staying fit. It requires an immense amount of energy, motivation and dedication which intimidates many of us. If you’ve always wanted to get fit but found it hard to start then you’re in the right place. These celebrity transformations will amaze you and immediately inspire you to get on the path to a fitter and healthier life. What’s more? These celebrities have been kind enough to share the secret to their weight loss journey and we couldn’t be more thankful. These transformations will motivate you to get your fitness game on, so don’t wait any longer and dive right in!

Kirsten Vangsness

Now starring as beautiful Penelope Garcia on the CBS drama Criminal Minds, Kirsten Vangsness has been for a long time an icon and motivation for plus-sized women. It wasn’t always easy for the actress and she had always been classified as an overweight actress until she suddenly lost a lot of weight in 2014. Looking even more incredible, the actress explained her weight loss referring to the book Full-Filled by Renée Stephens, which offers spiritual  help in order to lose weight. It teaches you that you have to accept yourself and forget words such as ‘discipline’, ‘diet’ or ‘willpower’.