20+ Elderly Celebrities That Are Keeping It Young


August 18, 2022

Age is definitely just a number and we’ve got the list to prove it to you! These celebrities have cracked the secret to staying young and a few of them have let us in on their regimes. However, there is no denying that some of these celebrities have been given an incredible set of genes because we cannot see their age on them – they look as young as ever! Some of the names on this list will surprise you because we have not seen them on screen for a long time but that’s only because they’re too busy enjoying their life in retirement. If you want to discover their secrets to eternal youth – then keep reading!

Lee Majors

While growing up Lee Majors was pursuing a career in sports and he had been an active football player for most of his teenage life. When he went to college he then switched gears and started getting interested in acting. He began performing in several plays and that’s when knew that this is what he was meant to do. Lee Major got his first big role in 1964, when he was just 25 years old. He was playing alongside Joan Crawford, a legend of the 60s. This is when he got noticed and he was selected to be a part of a huge television series called The Big Valley. The show was an immense success! He has done many other successful movies since then, like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy.