15+ Mustaches Only Celebrities Can Rock


April 16, 2021

A mustache, much like a haircut, is something that requires time, energy and dedication. It’s a lifestyle commitment that needs tending to every single day. For some, growing out a strong mustache comes easily, while for others it’s a lifelong struggle. Here’s a little bit of inspiration to help you decide how you want to groom your facial hair. Keep in mind that there are some gorgeous faces rocking these mustaches and all of them might not be the one for you – but if you’re brave we say go for it!

Micheal Cera

Micheal Cera is the first big name that made the cut to our compilation of the greatest celebrity mustaches. He’s not on this list because he has the strongest or thickest mustache, but because it’s the most meme-worthy. Micheal has been going viral on Twitter and Facebook because his mustache has been the star of various ridiculous memes that’s making the whole world laugh. Even if his mustache is shaved off, it will live forever on the internet.