When she saw the inside of her customer’s trailer, this pizza delivery driver knew she had to do something about it


April 15, 2021

Being in contact with customers on a daily basis is part of their job for restaurants, coffee shops workers, as well as pizza delivery drivers. But unlike the others, drivers for places such as Domino’s can get really close with their customers, and even get to see where they live and the inside of their homes.

When they got to see the state of one of their customer’s homes, Angela Nguyen and Sarah Hughes, who are two Domino’s delivery drivers, knew they had to do something about it. The customer, 76-year-old Lee Haase, got help that is far beyond employee duties from these two delivery drivers, who are also mother and daughter.

A former nurse

Angela Nguyen lived in Anoka County, Minnesota, but hadn’t always worked for Domino’s. Indeed, before that she used to work for the Minnesota Visiting Nurses, and it meant she had a very caring nature, which was going to be helpful in this situation.

Angela later explained what happened to her: “I did housekeeping for people with AIDS and HIV. Then they closed my department. They offered me another position with hospice, but I had a daughter that died while I was working for Minnesota Visiting Nurses, and it was just too difficult for me to think of going to work with other people that were dying. So I left.”