20 cleaning tips to keep your home healthy during quarantine


April 16, 2021

Now that we all are in quarantine, there is no excuse to skip the big annual “Spring Cleaning”. All of us are at home, some are even alone and we have all the time we want to clean our house for the next year. “Folks are already at home and have time … two of the biggest excuses for not organizing have just been removed” said the professional organizer Andrew Mellen.

It’s a pandemic crisis, which means that we all need to be focused on removing the germs, and particularly in the places where you put all the things that could be contaminated. And if you need some advices, read the 20 tips below, for a perfect spring cleaning!

Spending time at home is a big advantage

The biggest advantage of the quarantine is that you have plenty of time for you ! “This really is kind of a rare and unique opportunity to really take your time with things and spread it out,” said Melissa Maker, CEO of Clean My Space. So it’s time to see the opportunity this time can offer.

If you’re not working, or only working from home, you can use your lunch time to clean some parts of your house. After your meal, don’t you think it’s possible to clean your dishes, the bathroom or the microwave ? Even half an hour can be enough to just clear your mind. And you’ll return to work in a very clean space!