15 move-out states Americans are leaving as fast as possible


April 13, 2021

With 50 different states, the USA is a country of variety and differences. And for Americans, life is not as good everywhere throughout the country. Indeed, you get a better way of life in some states and some much harder conditions in others, which means many Americans leave some places in order to look for better ones to live. 

Some areas such as the West and the South remain strong favourites, whereas the Northeast and Midwest are clearly unpopular. But of course, there are exceptions to these trends, and here are the 25 States where Americans do not want to live, and actually tend to massively move somewhere else.

25. Rhode Island

Being the smallest state by area, with about 1,200 square miles, Rhode Island really struggles to keep people from moving out. Indeed, there are 49.2% of outbound moves from this state, and according to most people it is because they are getting a job somewhere else. Hiring has  only grown by 1.5% over the last year there, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For people who live in this state, it can be very tough to get a good job and, unfortunately, you really need one to stay there because it is so expensive. According to its residents, taxes are high, and so is the cost of living, so the best thing to do is to make sure to get a good job before moving there, for instance going through job-finding sites in order to be safe.