Police gets called to investigate stinky home, then they see the floor move


April 16, 2021

Neighbours of this house in Madagascar have had to show a lot of patience before something was actually done, but in the end it got reported to the authorities. The next door neighbours noticed a very strong and strange smell coming from the house, but they really didn’t know what the smell could be. Clearly, there was something going on, but no one involved in this strange smelly case could have expected to find what they actually discovered when they went in and investigated the house. 

How did the neighbourhood get so stinky?

It is difficult to know what the right attitude is when you notice a really bad smell coming from a house in your neighbourhood. For most of the neighbours who lived close by, it was a sign that the house had probably been abandoned and that no one lived there anymore. But what really happened was actually something very different from that.