Teacher Wears The Same Dress Every Day, But Here Is The Amazing Explanation Behind It


April 16, 2021

Being a teacher means you have responsibilities, and even if this isn’t the most obvious one, dressing up properly is part of the job. Julia, who had been a teacher a long time, therefore always ensured she had a nice outfit on. And since she was an art teacher, it made sense that she wore colorful and original clothes. But one particular outfit led to a lot of comments that she wouldn’t have expected. “Is she wearing that dress anymore?”, she heard students whispering. At that point, she didn’t even know that the question would come from people all over the world. But they weren’t expecting her answer, which would create a big surprise.

Causing controversy

Some schools might make teachers wear special uniforms, but this wasn’t the case of Julia Mooney’s school. The 34 year old teacher had just accepted a position at Moorestown, New Jersey’s William Allen Middle School, so she decided to dress for the occasion. But she would have never expected her new outfit to cause so much controversy. On the opposite, she thought that people would have appreciated her new dress. But obviously she was wrong. She knew that being a new teacher, she would be the center of attention for a while. However she didn’t expect rumors to spread about the dress she was wearing.