Man buys 1929 camera and develops 90-year-old film found inside


April 16, 2021

The man holds his breath and as he unrolls the reel of film beneath the light of the creepy red light bulb. One false move will ruin the negatives and they’ll be lost forever. His hands tremble as he gently shakes the tank. Now, all he can do is wait. But when the waiting is over and he unrolls the reel again, he will find something in the grey outline of the photos that he never expected. What had he found?

An obsession

Born in Holland and trained as a professional photographer, Martijn van Oers fell in love with photography from a very young age. He was particularly attracted to old photographs, especially when they had a mysterious or sinister history that needed to be discovered. So when he received his first camera on his 12th birthday, he couldn’t have been happier. Naturally, his mother was worried. And she would soon find that she was right to be.