Brilliant Acts Of Revenge That You Can Recreate If You’ve Ever Been Wronged


April 15, 2021

We have all been wronged at some point in our life, and although we can forgive someone, we will never be able to forget it. These people were deeply wronged by people close to them and instead of staying silent, they went out there, got justice and boy are we glad they did! These acts of revenge are so clever that it makes us want to get some justice too! We’re glad they decided to capture these moments on camera because these acts deserve to be seen and applauded by everyone. Let’s not waste another second and see which of these revenge pranks we will recreate on whoever wrongs us next!

Sweet revenge

The worst part about sharing the office kitchen space with other people is that sometimes things tend to go missing, and this woman’s coffee cream kept disappearing magically.  She was getting sick and tired of seeing her bottle empty and she knew the culprit was one of her colleagues, she just didn’t know who. She decided that enough was enough and she filled her coffee cream bottle with breast milk instead. After a few days of the unknown culprit sneaking her creamer, she posted a note letting them know what’s really inside the bottle. We can say with certainty that they never touched her creamer again.