These Celebrities That Make a Real Difference With Their Charity Work


April 16, 2021

There are a lot of celebrities that we might admire for their talents and performances on stage or on the screen, but it doesn’t mean that it all stops there. Some of them actually do a whole lot more than what we can think at first, and in particular regarding charity work and helping others, communities and society as a whole. Charity work may seem to some like a PR stunt in order to boost popularity and success, but in these cases they are people that have actually devoted a lot of time, and even most of their lives, to give back and to make a difference… Discover with us who they are!

Elton John

English pop singer, songwriter and pianist Elton John is a legend because of his music, but we shouldn’t forget he has also done plenty of good apart from that, and in particular regarding AIDS research. In fact, he founded Elton John AIDS Foundation in the 80s after seeing many of his friends getting touched by the disease. But this is not his only field of action, and he has also made plenty of donations to over 50 charities, which include disaster relief, homelessness and hunger, civil rights, cancer, bullying, and gay/lesbian equality. So well done Elton for all the hard work!