Doctors get puzzled when this couple welcomes triplets into the world


April 16, 2021

What really matters when you have kids isn’t just the moment you give birth to them – the most important thing is the whole journey of creating them and raising them. For Aaron and Rachel Halbert, this was a pretty incredible story though. When the couple came to the hospital for the birth of their triplets, the staff immediately thought there was something strange going on. But what were they trying to hide? 

Different childhoods

Rachel and Aaron actually grew up in completely different parts of the world. Rachel was raised in the Mississippi Delta, while Aaron came from Honduras, where his parents were evangelical missionaries. Although Rachel did not face a lot of racial diversity while growing up, Aaron however was pretty familiar with it since he was the only blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid in his city. When she got older, Rachel went on more and more mission trips and then realised that she needed more responsibility and experience.