You Wish You Were As Lucky As These Folks


April 16, 2021

Most people have to work really hard to get good things, and very few people actually have good luck on their side. Nevertheless, there are a few people out there who have received amazing fortunes by doing nothing. Some people are just lucky by nature, while others were at the right place at the right time and they had no idea. We’ve gathered a list of people who have struck gold effortlessly, all thanks to their best friend, luck. This list will have you experiencing new heights of jealousy and some of the stories are truly unbelievable! 


When visiting an arcade, you seriously need luck on your side because some people have spent hundreds of dollars on machines that have given them nothing in return. Getting lucky is a rare thing to see in the arcade, but if you are part of that 1% who was successful then it feels like you’re on cloud 9. This young girl couldn’t believe her eyes when she got her prize and it barely fit in her tiny hands. It’s not a secret when we say that although she may have had some skills, it was obviously luck that played a big part in her winnings. Her siblings must have been so jealous when they saw her prize and we’re sure she shared with them as well. If only we were this lucky!