11 natural antibiotics you should try


May 8, 2021

Overusing antibiotics

Many livestock producers use antibiotics in order to lower the risk of animals spreading diseases amongst themselves, which is why meat is full of antibiotics.

And because we throw it down the toilet, it also affects our water supply, as well as fishes, that will later on end up on our plates.

And even if we’ve been repeatedly told that antibiotics shouldn’t be overused, many people still ask for it for a viral infection, just so that they can feel they are doing something to fight the illness.

Because of all that, we are using antibiotics nearly every day, which has pushed our resistance to it to a dramatic breaking point. We’ll soon see super bacterias that we can’t treat, and even if we keep inventing new antibiotics, they won’t be fast enough to cope with the frightening situation.

Even if you can’t be sure you don’t get antibiotics from water or food, you can at least limit your consumption by only getting them prescribed to you when you really need them. So be healthy, give your body a chance to fight infections, and check out these 11 natural antibiotic foods that would be great for you!