She thought her prank would work, but things don’t go as planned


April 15, 2021

When you get married, you make a vow to stay faithful and to look after one another until death do you part. Some people convince themselves that they have chosen the right partner, and would try to trick them to make sure. The story you are about to read will show you that it is always better to opt for face to face communication with your partner. 

Life in a relationship

Relationships vary, no two relationships resemble each other. Some couples love each other but don’t feel the need to say it often, they don’t necessarily talk to each other a lot, they just sit in comfortable silence, as for them sitting in silence together is their way of loving one another. These couples don’t need that extra dose of reassurance from their partner. For other couples, communication becomes complicated, and the silence left in the wake is a huge weight on their shoulders. For them, this silence can be worrying and when they finally decide to talk to their partner about the problem, it can end in an argument or turn into bold scheming from one of them. Here is the story of Julie, her name has been changed to protect her privacy.