Princess Diana’s Butler Made A Blunt Statement About Harry and Meghan’s Marriage


May 8, 2021

Making headlines 

Burrell became quite the controversial character after he no longer served the Royal family, often being the focus of tabloid headlines. One of the major stories was from 2001, when Burrell was accused of stealing items that belonged to Princess Diana, Prince Charles or their sons. However, guess who came to his rescue? The Queen. Indeed the Queen was on Burrell’s side and said that she had given him permission to store the 310 items that had belonged to the late Princess. This meant that the case had to be dropped. His personal life would make the headlines in 2016, when Burrell announced his divorce from his wife of 32 years. A year later, Burrell married his partner Graham Cooper. According to an insider, the former butler had confided in Diana, admitting to her that he was gay. But was this true?