Princess Diana’s butler made a blunt statement about Harry and Meghan’s marriage


April 15, 2021

Paul Burrell was Princess Diana’s former butler, therefore he is aware of what happens behind royal doors. Since the death of Princess Diana, the former butler has spilled the tea on some royal secrets concerning the late Princess and her private life. Recently however, Burrell has turned his interest towards her son : Harry. The former butler has given his opinion on the marriage between the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle. 

Working with royals 

Burrell has great insight in the Royal family as he has worked in the industry for decades. His love for royalty began after a trip to Buckingham Palace when he was younger, after that he was hooked. Burrell’s first royal job was being footmaan for none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself. However, it was his second job within the royal household that would give him his claim to fame. Paul Burrell was Princess Diana’s butler until her unfortunate death in 1997. Burrell said that this role allowed him to become very close with his boss, even to the point where he claims that he was “the only man [that Diana] ever trusted.”.