91-Year-Old Woman Gets Unexpected Information About The Last 60 Years When Going To The Doctor


October 2, 2022

Estela Meléndez and Manuel González

Estela Meléndez and her husband Manuel González had what many people would describe as a perfect life. They lived in the small community of La Boca, on the Pacific coast, and just a few hours away from Chile’s capital, Santiago. They had a very strong bond and a loving relationship, which led them to these incredible 74 years of marriage. These were beautiful and lovely years for the couple. Even if the couple didn’t indulge in luxury and wasn’t living a prosperous life, they always managed to get by because of their humble character. Manuel was working as a navigator and fisherman, and he always made sure that they both had food on the table. However, they were going to get some shattering news in January 2015, and it was going to trigger a series of events leading to a shocking revelation.